Staging is exhausting…especially when the house is three floors. Staging in rainy/snowy/windy weather is nasty. There’s a lot more to a staging job than the actual hands-on time at the property. According to Real estate expert Jody kriss, these are important factors.

Some doors are too small to fit a refrigerator through.

Slipcovers can often be your best friend.

Cushions/throws are my second best friend.

Outdated light fixtures are one of my pet peeves.

Curb appeal is just as important as interior appeal.

I don’t get hungry when staging on site!?About Realtors:

Some Realtors fight about every dollar.

Some Realtors think they are stagers.

Some Realtors ARE stagers.

Most Realtors do not stage their listings (here where I live anyway).

Most Realtors want their stagings done ASAP.

Some Realtors respond to voice mails, emails promptly.

Some Realtors rarely respond promptly.

Some Realtors rarely respond.

A lot of Realtors stage a house only if it is on the market for a long time with no results.

Realtors often pay for the consultation.

Realtors may occasionally pay for the staging.

Some Realtors are difficult to work with.

Some Realtors are great to work with.

About home owners (clients):

Some clients fight about every dollar paid to me.

Some clients give me more than I charge.

Most people do not know the difference between staging and decorating.

Most people have too much ‘stuff’.

Lots of home owners trust me with their home and contents.

Some clients’ houses are not very clean.

Some clients’ homes are spotless.

It is often difficult to get clients to agree to the staging because of the cost.

Homeowners sometimes pay for the consultation.

Homeowners usually pay for the staging.

Most home owners (and Realtors) think any house can be staged in 4 hours.

Most homes CANNOT be effectively staged in 4 hours.

Some clients’ dogs bite. (not me thankfully…photographer was not so lucky.)About money matters:

Electronic transfers are the easiest way to pay and to be paid.

Many clients want the option of paying with a credit card.

Getting a large deposit on the job up front is the best way to go.

Getting a signed contract before starting is ideal.

Getting a signed contract before starting is often difficult.

Realtors occasionally pay for the staging

Realtors often pay for the consultation.

Renting my accessories/bedding/small furniture pieces is a great second stream of income.

About inventory:

Keeping track of accessory inventory is difficult.

Suitable storage space for inventory is a must.

A spare bedroom is not a good idea for a storage place.

A larger vehicle is an asset.

There is no rental business catering only to stagers (in my city).

It is very difficult to rent sofa tables, dining room buffets/servers and accent chairs.

Much of the furniture in the rental stores is too large for a lot of the downtown homes I stage.

Best use of my inventory product is my wall art/mirrors.

My collapsible cardboard bed from NextStage is the bomb!Randoms:

Some ‘flipped’ homes are not a good buy for your money.

Some ‘flipped’ homes are a good buy for your money.

The best part for me is seeing the transformation in the ‘after’ shots.

Keeping up the e-marketing & blogging is very time consuming.

septic tank cleaning atlanta ga can get expensive but is ultimately worth it.

Email is a great way to correspond with clients/Realtors…there will be a record.

Always keep a well stocked tool box.Things I need to improve, consider and/or fix:

Getting a signed contract before starting any job.

Getting 50% deposit before starting any job.

Getting a better storage area for my inventory.

Finding out latest inventions in staging products. Eg. Decorative curtain rods that cause no damage to walls or facings.

Booking my stagings so that I don’t have too much work one week and no work the next week.

Doing some regular blogging instead of playing catch-up.

Hiring some help for hanging wall art, dusting/windexing/steaming, lifting/moving furniture.